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Business Consulting is a key service that we offer our business customers. With over 35 years combined experience our services are aimed at helping small and medium size business owners and managers to achieve more from their their time, staff, customer relations and business as a whole. Naturally one of the most important factors in your business are the numbers but that is only one key element that will help inform your business strategy and the health of your business. Together with the client we identify the main challenges currently faced. We define the baseline using both quantitative and qualitative data. Then a realistic and compelling vision, with timelines, of where the client would like to be in each of the areas of focus are defined. Solutions are discussed, proposed and an agreed upon along with a clearly defined timeline and plan of action which is then set in motion, monitored and fine tuned. We do this by performing operational audits, business plan reviews, sales and marketing analysis and much more. Today we have the knowledge and technology to implement sustainable business operations that support the positive growth of local economies. We take an holistic approach to every business that is part of the community. We inform our clients how important it is to protect and preserve the local supply chains, local natural resources while focusing upon their customers needs.

Our goal is to assist clients in designing and implementing more sustainable products, services, business models and operations.

Growing populations, increased consumption of dwindling natural resources, increased toxic waste and pollution, species extinction and large scale natural habitat destruction are all signs of the negative impact our current ignorant behavior is having upon the planet. The global scientific community has repeatedly stated that we humans are breaching the earths nine planetary boundaries and it is time for urgent change. Recent changes in customer awareness, new government regulation coupled with the destruction of the environment by corporations in the relentless pursuit profits are among the main reasons why business and society as a whole must change their current harmful ways.

The linear “Take-Make-Waste” business model of the past no longer serves society or the environment and business leaders are having to re-think their operations towards more circular product designs and business strategies if they are to thrive in this new paradigm. We are focused upon creating this positive change and we achieve this by removing ignorance and denial through education. Empowering citizens to change their habits for the better. Such as not littering, not burning plastic, buying local, seasonal organic food, recycling, using public transport where possible, refusing plastic bags, buying less stuff. There are many things we all can do in our lives right now to make the world a better place for the future generations to come. Take action now and unlock the content on the right to be part of the solution and begin creating positive change.

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