Coaching is a pragmatic holistic framework and proven methodology to support and guide individuals to successfully discover and implement their life purpose and goals. Sacred Place’s coaching practice focuses upon Life and Business/Career Coaching. We support individuals to make the successful transition from the old to the new paradigm. Specifically that means guiding people to reclaim their personal power in matters of relationships, finance and health, moving away from the debt ridden student/employee model. This is done through providing guidance, resources and tools to enable the individual to attain the right skills, knowledge and experience in line with their life purpose.

Many people today are realizing that material things in life such as money and status cannot fill a void, a feeling of deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness inside. Individuals are now asking, “What is life truly about?” They realize they long for something they have forgotten in their lives. Meaning, purpose and connection with their Higher Authentic Self.  Our coaching work is aligned with those individuals that are ready to leave behind their “old negative habits” of scarcity thinking in pursuit of a life with more meaning, joy and fulfillment, namely abundance thinking. This realization is the start of the journey back to self-love (healing), sovereignty and true freedom. This is the natural evolution of human consciousness beyond our socially engineered consumer society, leading each of us towards a new renaissance period. A period on earth where we feel connected (not separate) with the planet. A creative and courageous period based upon human ethics and values (Humanism) that supports ALL living beings on the planet.

Our coaching services are very much aligned to our five day “Life Purpose Course”, the second part of our Self-Empowerment course. The power of this work is very much related to Luke and Susana’s on personal journeys of personal transformation that began in 2006. Furthermore Luke’s book, The Inner Revolution, shares in detail some of the main common challenges facing individuals deciding to embark upon the ‘rite of passage’ to reclaim their personal power and the ownership of their lives.

We are certified by and accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). The ICF is the organization that sets and monitors the international standards for professional coaching ethics, training and practices.

“The course was fantastic, it achieved my expectations. It helped me get focus, direction, energy and structure in many aspects of my life. The way you managed the course, the people and every situation was perfect, professional and it came across how you apply all your knowledge in real life scenarios. Luke and Susana, you both were very inspiring and created a welcoming, confident and calm atmosphere at the course from the beginning which made the whole experience even better. Susana you are passionate, kind and very understanding. A good presenter and communicator. Luke you are a very inspirational and knowledgeable teacher that talks clearly and to the point. Thank you Luke and Susana. Janos, Business Entrepreneur, Hungary

Below you can listen to our participants feedback regarding their experience of the Life Purpose program during our ten day  “Self-Empowerment Course“.

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During the coaching period you will receive:

• Priority email support – Whether you have a burning question between sessions or just want to update us on your progress, you will have priority email access as long as we are working together. We are here to help and our coaching clients are a top priority.

• We will always call you – Unless we meet in person, regardless of your location or time zone, the coaching call is on us. We use Skype for all calls, even if you are on a landline or mobile phone.

• Session audio recordings available – Session recordings have some great advantages. They make it possible for you to concentrate on the call without having to take notes, and they allow you to review our session at any time. We will send you the audio recording after each session.