self-empowerment-course-lukeBenjamin Rowe, Entrepreneur, U.S.A.

Susana and Luke thank you for the opportunity to participate in this course  and for all your support and guidance in my journey. You are both wonderful individuals and it’s awesome to see your individual talents combined with your love for each other and your passion for helping empowering others. I feel encouraged to go out and share my gifts with others and to start living without the mask. I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this Self Empowerment Course! I feel invigorated to go out into the world creating the life I want to live. A life in balance with my own values and my own desires. I have started to build my Inner Foundation and look forward to incorporating the techniques and skills that I have learned during the course.  I feel  much more confidence in all the areas that I worked upon and I am inspired to move forward.  Ben.

Sacred Place Self Empowerment Course 2017_FotorOrian Hernandez, Geologist, Venezuela

I remember my dad when saw your website told me: “ I picture Susana as a very pure Soul, warm, kind and inspiring“.   My dad was right!! I am deeply grateful for all the energy and time that you have dedicated to us. It has been an amazing journey together doing this Self Empowerment Course. I am very moved to see you so determined and bringing wisdom and spirituality into our world. … When you bring that “Shaman” into life, I will say: “ I had the honor to meet her!

Luke, your wise words and kindness have been so valuable for me. I have a deep admiration for your work and mission you have chosen to pursuit. Many thanks for walking by our side, guiding this special and powerful journey. I am sure You will keep being a winner in life and an inspiring human being for our world. Much love. Orian.

Maria Rita Self Empowerment Course 2016 Sacred PlaceMaria Rita, Designer, Portugal

The Self Empowerment course was great!
Got to know myself better as well as my life goals. Thank you Susana and Luke

I can only say good things about you both. The way you get people motivated and looking forward to their future is amazing and very inspiring. Susana you have such a positive and peaceful energy and it’s great to be around you. I’m so glad to get to know you and to see how such a sweet person can yet be so strong and powerful with her words. Thank you for inspiring me! I look forward to see what you are up to next in your life, we will surely keep in touch. Luke there are no coincidences in life (I believe so) and I’m really glad to have joined this course as I feel it was an important step in my life journey. Thank you for sharing you knowledge and getting people motivated to pursue their life purposes. This is what life is all about! Fingers crossed, our paths will cross again and I’m looking forward to it. I will strongly recommend this course to some of my friends. With love, Maria.

Bianca Self Empowerment Course Sacred PlaceBianca Vilanova, Journalist, Brazil

Luke, first of all I am so grateful for the opportunity of being here. Your compassion made it possible to me,to see what is important for my life and I will remember this moment in the future. You are doing a great and beautiful work with your kindness and joyful way but also your strength to say what is need it. Thank you. Lot of love.

Susana, your strength is very powerful! I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to be part of this Self Empowerment Course. Thank you for all your beautiful words and guidance that I received from you during the program. Your guidance gave me a lot of confidence.   Susana You are a very powerful woman. You are also  kind and you have the soft feminine energy. Bianca

Aizen Self-Empowrment-Course February 2017 Sacred PlaceAizen Costello, Accountant, U.S.A.

Great course…would recommend for everyone. Susana has a very comforting presence. I loved the more intuitive and spiritual side since I think there is so much stuff we will never understand on the material/physical level.

Luke is a great natural teacher. Very informative and good practical knowledge on how to manifest your best life.

I found the de-programming stuff super interesting especially how it affects all people! It taught me to better understand people and to have more empathy towards everyone. Everyone has their battles inside and we are all on a path trying to figure it out. The balance between the two is great and they will expand your mind matrix style big time. The course was awesome! The first step to change is becoming aware… A++.

Marielli Self Empowerment Course Sacred PlaceMarielli Pahim, Nutritionist, Brazil

Luke, Thank you so much for everything! The love, the care, the inspiration and all the teaching during the course. It’s an amazing feeling to meet people that understand you and we need people like you in this world: conscious, honest and ready for change! It was an amazing 10 days. Thank you.

Susana, Thank you very much for all the love and guidance. You area a great inspiration! You are a  beautiful and powerful worrier.  Thank you for all your support during the Self Empowerment Course. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of one of your courses.  I believe we will see each other again in the near future. Keep shining all your beautiful light and love, inspiring and healing others on their journeys. Thank you for everything. You will be always on my heart. Mari.

Janos Self Empowerment Course 2016 Sacred Place_FotorJanos, Business Entrepreneur, Hungary

The course was fantastic, it achieved my expectations. It helped me get focus, direction, energy and structure in many aspects of my life. The way you managed the course, the people and every situation was perfect, professional and it came across how you apply all your knowledge in real life scenarios.

Luke and Susana, you both were very inspiring and created a welcoming, confident and calm atmosphere at the course from the beginning which made the whole experience even better. Susana you are passionate, kind and very understanding. A good presenter and communicator.
Luke you are a very inspirational and knowledgeable teacher that talks clearly and to the point.

Thank you Luke and Susana.

Ellen Self Empowerment Course 2016 Sacred PlaceEllen McCormack, Teacher, U.S.A.

The course was beautifully structured and well designed. Susana and Luke, through their own personal experiences and knowledge, share freely, create an open caring environment and are wonderful facilitators.

I really recommend this course for anybody who is looking to evaluate or re-evaluate their purpose, to gain useful tools, set goals and gain confidence and inspiration from them and the group’s energy to move forward and be the best version of yourself. I felt focused, with a clear sense of purpose at the end of the course.



Rodrigo Sacred Place Self Empowerment Course 2017_FotorRodrigo Cassanego, Musician, Brazil.

Susana You are the sister that I didn’t have. Your energy is good and beautiful. I feel very comfortable to share my life(past&present), all my challenges and difficult times with you. Thank you for this great opportunity to be part of the Self Empowerment Course and all the support you gave me through out the course.  With love and peace. Rodrigo.

Luke, Thank you for everything during this 10 days. This course was so important and open some doors that I can’t close anymore and I don’t want to! Thank you so so much!!  All the love and peace, Rodrigo.

Erika Haren Sacred Place Self Empowerment Course Sept 2016Erika Haren, Teacher, U.S.A.

Susana, I am so grateful That I have met you. I can feel your powerful ability to heal and it’s so important for the world. You remembered me all the importance to connect with my Higher Self and I am very grateful for that.  I am truly inspired by your strength, kindness  and dedication to bring positive change into the world. You are such a beautiful Soul!  Your intuitive abilities it really helped me to see and feel the important aspects for my own growth.  I really enjoyed this opportunity to be part of the Self Empowerment Course. All the knowledge that I gained during the programs is already helping me to have a clear understanding how I want to move forward in my life.  You and Luke make an amazing team!  I am sure we will see each other again! Erika.

Self Empowerment CourseSacred PlaceNatasha, Student, Germany

Thank you and Luke for helping me to explore and remember my goals and my purpose. i am truly happy that I joined the Self Empowerment Course! I will be grateful forever!

Susana, Thank you for being such a strong and passionate woman. You helped us a lot with your strength and your examples for assertive behavior.  I could relate to all your stories and I am grateful that you shared your knowledge with those who are looking for guidance and support.  It think of all your suggestions and I am truly working on myself now. Natasha.


Sacred Place Self Empowerment Course 2017Anita, Teacher, Australia

Dear Luke, Thank you so much for this opportunity. Your expertise, support and guidance has been instrumental in my journey. I want you to know how much you are doing it is inspiring me. You are changing the world. One person at a time. Thank you for everything! I know we will be always in touch..

Susana, your warmth,  understanding, knowledge support has been more than I could’ve asked for. I love your enthusiasm for healing! Thank you for your guidance and compassion. My path is so clear now and you helped me with that. Thank you for your wonderful gift that you are giving to the world! Anita.


Helen Self-Empowrment-Course February 2017 Sacred PlaceHelen,Teacher, U.K.

Susana you are very Beautiful, caring and spiritual! You are a inspiring teacher that brings balance to both of you and you also bring a wonderful energy and deep understanding to the group during this 10 days course. I am very grateful  that I had the opportunity to meet you during this 10 days course.  Thank you very much for your support. Helen

Luke you are a great teacher, focused and very knowledgeable. It is very exciting to know about your project, your center and new courses in the future.

It was really nice to meet you and thank you for your support during the course. Helen.

Natale Pellegatti, Permaculture Consultant, Brazilluke natale self empowerment course sacred place

Susana, there is no words to describe my deep gratitude and love after receiving all your support in this Self Empowerment Course. You are an Angel that came to my life at the right moment. Thank you very much for all your support, guidance and friendship.  Natale.

Luke, There was no way I can put into words how much I am grateful.  Thank you so much for everything. I have learned so much from you! With Love, Natale.



Ricky Teed, U.S.A.

Luke and Susana work really well together. Their dynamic is incredible. Susana is more intuitive, using the right side of the brain and Luke is more constructive using more the left side of the brain. The combination of their work is very impressive and very effective. they both can relate with different types of people and they also have the opposite energy to work with others. Thank you both.

Amanda Balieiro, Permaculture Educator, Brazil

Susana-Amanda-Self-Empowrment-Course-February-2017-Sacred-PlaceI came to this Self-Empowerment course because I was a bit all over the place in my life, trying to put the pieces together and understand what my true mission in this life was. I came across this course in a very positive way while traveling in Asia, finding signs towards this course while looking at what I want to do with my life. It’s difficult to describe how profound and holistic this course was and I was very surprised to find how deep this work was. I discovered I had a lot of work to do with my inner self, with all my questions and issues, understanding how emotional and personal things had to with my Self-Empowerment and my mission. I realized to find this mission is a very deep and beautiful process and you have to be brave to look inside yourself and say Yes, I want to go through this to be my best. I found out in this course that you have everything in you to be your best but I also found out how to use all that happened to me in my life and now take my life in my hands and do what my heart says. This was the best thing for me on the course, to fully understand what life expects from me and what I expect from life. I really recommend this course to everyone, even if you think you are Self-Empowered, to come and see that you can be much more powerful in a very positive and humble way, not powerful over others but of yourself and make a beautiful life and do your thing. Thank you Susana and Luke.