This healing meditation is an excellent exercise to raise the frequency and the vibration of your energetic body while relaxing your mind through the breathe. In performing this exercise, set your highest intention and imagine each of the steps of this process even if you have trouble with sensing or feeling it with your inner vision. It will still be very effective. Start with three deep long breaths and visualize moving your energetic body through a tunnel, with a gold light at the end. Let yourself slowly move closer to the light and perceive what it “feels” like as you move slowly from the human physical realm to lighter consciousness. As you move closer, the light will appear to take on a spherical form. Moving into the light sphere represents the acceleration of your physical body vibration into higher level dimensional energy. Once visualizing the spherical gold light field, submerge yourself within it and feel that lights warmth moving through every cell, every pore in your body. Imagine it moving through your DNA. You become One with the golden light. Scan your entire energy body with this golden light showering your etheric body, emotional body and mental body.


Be aware of any dark areas and negative sensations in your body. Of anything that “feels” slow, dark or blocked. The dark areas represent parts of the body that have blockages with negative thought forms that you want to release now from your body. Move your attention to the dark areas, choose one dark area and focus on it fully. Feel its sensations, its presence, and its consciousness and hold neutral association to its energy signature.  As you become aware of its energy, it will have a distinct pattern and feeling that you will feel by focusing on it.

Gather gold light into your inner vision and consciousness and with that light focus it into the center of the black spot. Do not identify with the contents of the darkness, just observe it. Continue to draw gold light in to it until you sense a stopping sensation of light expansion. Feel your light consciousness move and expand itself into every layer of the thought/energy form.  Once you feel completely expanded into the thought-form with your light source, call upon the infinite source of light and allow light to stream through your body filling the dark area with so much light that it explodes and disintegrates. Repeat this visualization again until all dark spots in your energy field have been removed and transformed.

After completing this inner work, removal and transformation of all dark spots, hold the visualization of the gold light permeating every cell of your being. Consciously guide that light into the DNA and hold the intention that the body will utilize this energy to accelerate the DNA building process under the direction of your Higher Self and will prevent, protect and shield the cells from, the return of any dark or negative entities, emotional blockages not in support of your higher good. Complete this exercise returning out from the light tunnel, backwards returning into the now moment awareness, while your physical body holds light consciousness.

Open your eyes and verbalize to yourself: I am Love. I am Sovereignty. I am free.