Liver detox is a safe, fast, effective and affordable way to cleanse the liver of stored up toxins, bile and harmful cholesterol’s. This cleansing procedure also removes gallstones from the gallbladder. The effects of a liver detox can be felt soon after as a tremendous relief, clarity of mind, higher levels of energy, healthier skin and hair, the loss of weight and great vitality. Ideally a liver detox should be performed once a month until the liver can be considered stone free – when two consecutive detoxes no longer produce any stones. This can happen after ten or twelve liver detoxes. By re-opening the bile ducts, the body’s energy circuits becomes restored and healing can take place on all levels of body, mind and spirit. The liver is the second most complex organ of the body after the brain, and performs multiple critical functions 24/7 to keep the body free from the build of toxins and harmful substances. The liver detoxifies the blood and removes harmful bacteria’s and toxic substances such as alcohol and drugs. It produces bile, a substance needed to digest fats and carry away waste. It stores many nutrients and vitamins needed by the body, it fights off infections, regulates hormones, cholesterol, metabolism and so much more! A damaged liver leads to the formation of gallstones in the liver and the gall bladder (for children and adults) that creates terrible congestion throughout the body, unhealthy blood and gallbladder disease.

“Cleansing the liver bile ducts from gallstones may indeed be one of the most important and powerful procedures around to dramatically improve one’s health and raise the body’s vibration!”

Many more people, including those suffering a chronic illness such as heart disease, arthritis, MS or cancer, have hundreds of pea size gallstones blocking the bile ducts of the liver. A liver congested with gallstones is one of the most common, yet rarely recognized causes of illness today. Poor nutrition and lifestyle are the cause of gallstones building up in the liver. An individual can experience this congestion as feeling constantly tired, fogginess in the head, emotional instability and moodiness, food cravings, digestive problems (swelling/bloating after a meal), acne on the face and body and the inability to lose weight. The fact is that most people do not connect what we eat to how we feel. Harmful chemicals negatively affect the body, our emotions and how we feel and perform. The majority of people in society today, unwillingly and unknowingly consume food and drink that is harmful to the body. Foods such as white sugar, flour, salt, milk, snack foods and artificially flavored processed foods. Drinks such as fizzy soft drinks, sugary drinks and alcohol. As explained on the Nutrition page, it is precisely these foods and drinks that weaken the body’s repair and defense systems, leaving us more susceptible to detrimental health, disease and a lack of energy. These foods also damage the main organs of the body including the liver. However, this can all be reversed by the healthy choices an individual chooses to make.

Sacred Place Milene DominguesThanks to Susana support and professionalism I learned the necessity to respect and listen my body & mind. Now I do understand how both (body&mind) are so interconnected! In one of our sessions she explained the importance of doing a detox and cleansing the internal organs would help me to recover from some of my health symptoms. The same way we have a shower and we brush our teeth every morning, the same way we should care about our internal organs. I understood how this health procedure could transform my health for the better. And i fact this was the truth! After doing such detox and cleansing, the body then performs better its own function of assimilation, digestion and elimination.  It’s wonderful to see how the body respond and heal itself when receives such care and attention from us. I also learned our health symptoms are always manifested by the quality of our sleeping patterns, skin, hair, nails, the color of our tong & eyes, and even our vital energy! During her consultations, Susana provided me with lots of valuable knowledge and a diet plan for me to follow up. I feel already so much better and having this new knowledge I am much more confident to achieve positive results on my health. As a Nutritional Therapist and a Detox Specialist, Susana proved to be very professional and knowledgeable with her practice. I am extremely grateful to her support and I truly recommend her services.

Milene Domingues, Interior Designer, Portugal.


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