Spiritual Counseling is a very powerful holistic approach to mental, emotional and spiritual health. We employ different therapies to explore and remove deep rooted traumatic life experiences. Spiritual Counseling is also applied to establish healthy relationships between couples, family units and work environments. Our work removes unhealthy thought and behavioral patterns. By applying the principles of neuroplasticity and by using pragmatic methodologies such as Inner Child Work, we teach an guide how to embody new positive thoughts, beliefs and behaviors.This mindful shift from Scarcity thinking to Abundance thinking is essential to establish a new solid inner foundation and is the core of our five day De Programming Course. Whether your intention is to find inner peace, create better connections, or successfully navigate a new life transition, this work will support you to achieve your goals. This holistic approach may also include nutritional therapy and detoxification of the body, mind and spirit. Our focus during the five day De Programming Course is to teach and guide you how to make changes from the inside out, to free yourself from mental and emotional barriers. Ultimately, you will open your heart and access your innate wisdom (Intuition) from your Higher Self, to  reclaim your natural birthright of SOVEREIGN PERSONAL POWER. We also offer The Soul Plan Reading, an incredibly valuable and powerful system of Soul analysis. A profound system that uncovers ones Soul Contract, revealing the full potential that each human being brings into this life. This information is critical for those people wishing to contribute positively to the ‘new paradigm shift’ taking place right now in our society. Select SOUL PLAN READING to learn more. To book your Soul Plan Reading please click here.

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Life Coaching offers a complete framework and methodology to successfully support and guide individuals to discover and implement their Life Purpose. Our coaching practice is used by individuals that wish to take more control of their lives and gain more joy and satisfaction from their personal and professional activities. Our coaching practice specializes in Life, Business and Career Coaching and forms the foundation of our five day Life Purpose Course. During these five days we deliver personalized support to assist individuals by analyzing the current situation, identifying existing and potential challenges and obstacles and devising a plan of action designed to achieve specific outcomes. Based upon our combined 40 years of professional corporate work experience we provide a tailored workbook containing knowledge, tools and resources to assist the participant both during and after all our courses. However the key to success relates not only to our experience and knowledge but also your motivation and commitment.

Many people today realize that material things and status cannot fill a void, a feeling of deep dissatisfaction and unhappiness inside. Individuals are now asking, “What is life truly about?” They realize they long for something they have forgotten in their lives. Meaning, fulfillment in the pursuit of their Life Purpose. This realization is the start of a transformational journey back to self-love (healing), sovereignty (freedom) and personal power. A natural evolution of human consciousness, leaving behind our socially engineered consumer society and moving toward a human ethics and values (Humanism) based society that supports ALL living beings on the planet.

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Sustainability is at the heart of our values whether it be on an individual, Community/Organization or Environmental level. We leverage not only our skills and knowledge in Spiritual Counseling and Life Coaching but also in Permaculture Teaching and Design. This environmental knowledge is provided to both course participants when they are creating their business ideas and also to small and medium size business owners making the transition towards more sustainable business practices. Through teaching and practicing Permaculture Design we assist both urban and rural business owners to understand the social and environmental impacts their business has on the world. With this knowledge they are empowered to make more sustainable choices related to all areas of their business. Areas such as water/waste/energy and supply chain management, food productivity, employee/customer education and behavior change. In addition to environmental business consulting we also teach the 72 hour “Permaculture Design Certificate” (PDC) course. Permaculture is about action based solutions and can be used by individuals, communities, businesses and government to solve most of the problems we face today. As Permaculture Teachers and Design Consultants we educate both individuals and business owners upon the transformative impact Permaculture has on any set of objectives, organization, structure or landscape to reduce their “Environmental Footprint”.

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