Sacred Place services are designed to operate in a complementary manner to the courses we deliver. Specifically that means individuals may seek Spiritual Counselling in order to prepare for a course perhaps by focusing on some long term re-occurring issues that require attention or perhaps after participating in a course to deepen and accelerate the forgiveness process. Furthermore, having completed our 10 day Self-Empowerment course an individual may seek Life Coaching support to work upon implementing and manifesting their goals and objectives, for example, starting a business, or changing careers/sectors.

Sacred Place Services include Spiritual Counselling, Soul Plan Reading, Life and Business Coaching  and Environmental Consultancy.

Self Empowerment Course. Sacred Place

Sacred Place- Self Empowerment Course

Self Empowerment Course February 2017 Sacred Place

Sacred Place- Self Empowerment Course

susana teaching self empowerment course sacred place