Spiritual Counselling is a powerful healing process that employs a holistic framework using different models of approach such as authentic  communication, inner child work, psychotherapy and cognitive behavioral therapy.  Spiritual Counselling is a very direct and profound method that enable individuals to overcome their past traumatic experiences, such as from abusive relationships at home or at work. Spiritual Counselling should be applied to promote better healthy lives and healthy relationships between adults and within family units by highlighting unhealthy habits and negative “scripts”. Examples are limiting beliefs, addictions, fear driven thoughts, anger, grief and issues related to the loss of a loved one.  This can lead individuals to embrace the existence of their Inner Child and as well the divine connection with their authentic Higher Self. This holistic framework can also embrace the educational aspects of the nutritional therapy and detox programs to re-educate and inform how to detoxify the mind, body and spirit.

Spiritual Counselling is not only recommended to all individuals who wish to improve their mental, emotional and physical health, but also patterns of communication and relationships with those close to them. This journey can also help uncover your strengths and talents and discover your life purpose. To learn and experience how to harness your true power by creating new personal boundaries towards others. To embody positive beliefs that leads you to become an Empowered human being. To re-program your thinking and behavior that will support you to create the life you want and develop healthy relationships and connections with those close to you and in your community. Ultimately a deeper understanding of the meaning and purpose of an individual’s life begins to emerge. This new self-realization in turn leads to a stronger feeling of Self Love and Self-Appreciation, leading an individual to make choices based on what ‘feels right’ to them and not based on what others think they should do.

Whether your intention is to create more joy and peace in your life, create better connections with people, successfully navigate a life transition, or enjoy optimal well-being and health, this work will help you achieve your goals. Our focus is on teaching you how to make changes from the inside out, by guiding you to free yourself from mental and emotional barriers. You will open your heart and access your innate wisdom (Intuition) from your Higher Self, to  reclaim your natural birthright of PERSONAL POWER.

Our work as professional and experienced Spiritual Counsellors is to provide you with the right emotional support, tools and techniques to explore and remove deep rooted traumatic issues, pain and negative dynamics from the past. A professional and trusting environment is established where deep empathy and understanding exists so this inner transformation and process can naturally unfold. This healing process provides not only self-knowledge, self- education but also offers a deep understanding of traumatic life cycles and situations using those life experiences as opportunities to grow and embrace not only the power of forgiveness but also the rejuvenation of health and spiritual evolution.


Self Empowerment Course

Sacred Place- Self Empowerment Course

Sacred Place- Self Empowerment Course



Self Empowerment CourseSacred Place

Self Empowerment Course

Self Empowerment CourseSusana, your strength is very powerful! I am deeply grateful for this opportunity to be part of this Self Empowerment Course. Thank you for all your beautiful words and guidance that I received from you during the program. Your guidance gave me a lot of confidence.   Susana You are a very powerful woman. You are also  kind and you have the soft feminine energy.

Luke, first of all I am so grateful for the opportunity of being here. Your compassion made it possible to me,to see what is important for my life and I will remember this moment in the future. You are doing a great and beautiful work with your kindness and joyful way but also your strength to say what is need it. Thank you. Lot of love. Bianca”. Bianca Vilanova, Journalist, Brazil

Self Empowerment Course“I remember my dad when saw your website told me: “ I picture Susana as a very pure Soul, warm, kind and inspiring“.   My dad was right!! I am deeply grateful for all the energy and time that you have dedicated to us. It has been an amazing journey together doing this Self Empowerment Course. I am very moved to see you so determined and bringing wisdom and spirituality into our world. … When you bring that “Shaman” into life, I will say: “ I had the honor to meet her!

Luke, your wise words and kindness have been so valuable for me. I have a deep admiration for your work and mission you have chosen to pursuit. Many thanks for walking by our side, guiding this special and powerful journey. I am sure You will keep being a winner in life and an inspiring human being for our world. Much love”. Orian Hernandez, Geologist, Venezuela

self-empowerment-courseSusana, Thank you very much for all the love and guidance. You area a great inspiration! You are a  beautiful and powerful worrier.  Thank you for all your support during the Self Empowerment Course. I am very grateful that I had the opportunity to be part of one of your courses.  I believe we will see each other again in the near future. Keep shining all your beautiful light and love, inspiring and healing others on their journeys. Thank you for everything. You will be always on my heart.

Luke, Thank you so much for everything! The love, the care, the inspiration and all the teaching during the course. It’s an amazing feeling to meet people that understand you and we need people like you in this world: conscious, honest and ready for change! It was an amazing 10 days. Thank you”. Marielli Pahim, Nutritionist, Brazil


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During the counselling period you will receive:

• Priority email support – Whether you have a burning question between sessions or just want to update us on your progress, you will have priority email access as long as we are working together. We are here to help our clients.

• We will always call you – Unless we meet in person, regardless of your location or time zone, the coaching call is on us. We use Skype for all calls, even if you are on a landline or mobile phone.

• Session audio recordings available – Session recordings have some great advantages. They make it possible for you to concentrate on the call without having to take notes, and they allow you to review our session at any time. We will send you the audio recording after each session.