What We Do?

Sacred Place exists to guide and support deep personal transformation within individuals and communities that wish to instigate profound change in their personal and professional lives, both mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. This work is delivered through our courses in different cities across Asia. Our courses are a combination of teaching, one to one counseling and coaching, self-discovery exercises, and group sharings.

Why We do it?

Through our healing and personal transformation we understood that to create a better societal structure we must transform ourselves first. Sacred Place is part of the solution to serve and empower individuals and communities through education, healing and self-empowerment so they can become more resilient, more sustainable and self-sufficient.

Who We Serve

About Sacred Place

Career Professionals

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Health Conscious

Spiritual Seekers


The Story of Sacred Place

Luke and Susana initiated their healing journeys in 2006 when they were still working in Europe within corporate institutions exercising important roles of leadership. Both started to question how corrupted the systems were in our society and the alarming lack of care and efficiency of current institutions towards the major global challenges in the world. These types of questions were the turning point for them to admit the systems in place were no longer delivering solutions but instead were and still are part of the problem; too much corruption, unethical behavior from world leader representatives and too much inequality worldwide…and sadly the rapid destruction of our environment and natural resources. How did we arrive here? A simple answer is – Human Behavior!

Luke and Susana understood in order to create a better societal structure we must transform ourselves first, reclaiming our personal power, our inner authority and freedom from the limitations and conditioning imposed on us by the current paradigm.  For them the only way to initiate such personal transformation was to honestly start to reevaluate all aspects of their lives; past present and future and recognize the changes that needed to happen. For that to happen Luke and Susana left behind their comfort zones to explore the unknown world. In 2008 Luke and Susana left Europe to travel around the world for 18 months. At the time they didn’t know each other. The personal transformation that took place in Luke’s life lead him later to write a book: The Inner Revolution. During 18 months of traveling the world Luke and Susana went through deep powerful healing transformations in search for healing, meaning and purpose. During this time Luke and Susana had the courage to embrace their journeys of healing and growth, a necessary process  for them to (re)discover their authentic selves, their inner authority and create freedom in their new lives more aligned with their values.

Luke and Susana met each in London (2011) after ending their travels. They both recognized in each other their strengths, courage and freedom to move forward with a new bright life based on truth, love and abundance. Both devoted time to reeducate themselves while keeping in mind their vision for a much brighter future. In 2013 Luke and Susana left Europe for the second time, choosing Thailand as their new home, a country they knew would provide them with many opportunities and greater lifestyle. In 2018 Luke and Susana successfully registered their holistic project in Thailand as a limited company, Sacred Place Co Ltd.

Sacred Place is the result of the deep personal and professional transformation of Luke and Susana and 20 years of experience each working in leadership roles in Europe. Today Sacred Place is a legal company registered in Thailand and based in Chiang Mai. Sacred Place exists to serve and empowering individuals and communities so they can become more resilient, more sustainable and self-sufficient.

The Meaning of the Sacred Place logo

Sacred Place Lotus Flower Mandala

The Sacred Place logo represents a lotus flower. In Buddhism philosophy the lotus flower symbolizes the journey towards enlightenment, growing from the muddy bottom of the pond up to the surface of the water – from darkness to light.

The Sacred Place logo has been designed using Sacred Geometry, patterns that exist throughout nature such as the golden mean proportions and Fibonacci spirals. Sacred Geometry can also be found in mathematics, music, sounds, architecture and structures (shapes & forms).

The Sacred Place logo has six pollen anthers in the center symbolizing the male and female existence in nature and the importance of the balance between these two different life expressions being fundamental for humankind to evolve and thrive into a better society. The Sacred Place lotus flower has twelve petals. According to the gnostic hidden knowledge, the number twelve symbolizes completion and governance of the cosmos through the natural laws.  The number twelve is represented in our society through the twelve constellations of the zodiac, the twelve months of the year, twelve hours of the day, the twelve musical notes, the twelve body chakras and the twelve strands of human DNA.

The Sacred Place logo color is represented by the color teal. This color represents innovation, wholeness, truth, spiritual maturity, grounding, wisdom, intuition, creativity, emotional balance, serenity, love, joy, tranquility, patience and loyalty.

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