To access the After Care support you must be a course participant and you need to log in with your email and password. After completing the course there is a transition period of going back to society and starting to practice what has been taught, operating at this new level of awareness. This transition period is very important! During this period an individual is shifting from his/her previous scarcity thinking into abundance mindset by focusing their attention and actions upon his or her important life decisions. This After Care support is provided on our website through the existence of audio & video files but also a follow up support call with Luke and or Susana.

After Care Login

What's Stopping You?

Unhealthy Habits

Self-sabotaging & Procrastination

Negative Thinking & Behavior

Lack of Self-Care & Standards

Abuser / Victim dynamics

Co-dependency / Addiction

Healthy Habits

Self Love & Self Care

Self Responsibility

Ownership of your Inner Authority

Assertive & Healthy boundaries

Focus on your needs, priorities & goals


Qualified and experienced support is necessary in order to support and guide individual’s successful progression through their transition period. Due to the focus of our work on guiding individuals through major life transformations, we have created this after care Skype call.

Call Preparation

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