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The Astrology report is a profound system of analysis that uncovers ones Soul Contract, revealing the full potential that each human being brings into this life. This powerful Astrology report reveals not only the thoughts/behavioral patterns but also reveals the main archetypes that influence the conscious and unconscious mind. This report explains the major life cycles (chapters in ones life) together with the karmic lessons that must be resolved in order for new opportunities to be manifested. The Astrology report reveals an individuals gifts, talents and goals to be achieved from both the physical world perspective and the spiritual world perspective. The individual Astrology reports are based upon the sound vibration of an individuals birth name as it appears on the birth certificate.

Upon receiving this very personal and powerful information, clients experience a great shift of personal awareness and perception of themselves and their role in the world. This in turn is a healing process which not only initiates the internal transformation of connecting with their ‘Higher Self” but also greatly reduces the negative effects of limiting beliefs and negative patterns one may carry.

During this healing process individuals learn how to nurture their self-esteem, self-confidence and their will power through gaining deeper knowledge of themselves and their path in this life. This Astrology Report is a wonderful tool to support not only couple s in relationships but also is a tool to be applied for a business name identification and/or optimization.

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Isabel Carpintero, Dance Choreographer, Spain.
David Laferriere, Manager Yoga Studio, Canada.
Susana Costa, Graphic Designer, Portugal.

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