Our Environmental Business Consultancy guides small and medium size organizations in both urban and rural settings to understand and reduce the environmental impacts of their business upon the outside world.


This is achieved firstly by performing client interviews and site surveys. During this phase we analyze the current  set up of the organization and create a “baseline” from the data collected. More specifically this analysis may include the review of the Vision and Purpose of the organization, water and waste management strategies, on-site food production systems, energy providers and facility operations. The data collected forms the bases of the ‘baseline’ from which a more environmentally sustainable design is then created and agreed upon with our client before implementation takes place.

Sustainable business practice and designing more sustainable products, services and operations is at the core of our environmental business consulting services. More specifically we apply the ethical, science based design principles of Permaculture to all that we design. Our work may also include staff training and customer education.


Sacred Place Consultancy Permaculture

We review:

Vision & organization Purpose

Building Infrastructure analysis

Supply Chain Analysis: (Food, Water, Energy, Transport supplies)

Environmental Product  & Service design enhancements

Staff Education & Training

Customer, Suppliers & other Stakeholder Communications

If you would like to learn more about how we can guide you and your business, please contact us via email at info@sacred-place.com.