The De-Programming course delivers a powerful healing framework that teaches you how to dissolve mental barriers such as negative thoughts and habits, often inherited from family, educational systems, religion and other societal role models. It supports the healing of emotional barriers possibly related to the past or present, such as fear, anxiety, anger, low self esteem, lack of trust and feeling depressed. This is an opportunity to release all the mental and emotional “JUNK” that is affecting the quality of your life right now. This powerful healing framework teaches you how connect with your Internal Guidance System so you may expand your awareness of your True Self. The De-Programming course is a life changing opportunity for you to learn how to create a solid inner foundation that allows you to become an authentic empowered human being. Importantly, you learn how to make fundamental changes from the inside out. You learn how to develop healthy relationships and more authentic connections with those close to you and in your community. The five day De-Programming Course is for those who are ready and committed to initiate their personal transformation now.

Course activities include morning and afternoon teachings, individual and group sharing’s and activities, guided meditations, evening documentaries and talks, and space and time to reflect. This course is a Life Changing Opportunity to transform your life by investing quality time and energy in yourself.

We advise individuals to attend the ten day Self-Empowerment course due to the transformational impact of ten days. If that is not possible, we strongly suggest to first take the five day De-Programming course before the five day Life Purpose course.

Please note for Thai nationals we offer a 50% discount off the full price. Please also note we sponsor two places per course, so if you sincerely want to join and cannot afford it, write us an email explaining your situation and why you would like to join.



- Expert Guidance & Leadership

- Safe, Confidential Environment

- Well Organised & Structured

- Individual Support & Exercises

- Detailed take home Work book


- Deep Personal Transformation

- Dissolving Limiting Beliefs

- Connection to Higher Self & Internal Guidance System

- Forgiveness & Closure


- SEPT 30 - OCT 4, 2017


- DECEMBER 2 - 6, 2017


Daily Schedule: 09.30 - 17.30

Optional Evening Documentaries


Aizen Costello, Accountant, U.S.A.

‘Great course…would recommend for everyone. 

I found the de-programming stuff super interesting especially how it affects all people!  The course was awesome! The first step to change is becoming aware… A++.”

Anita, Animal Lover, Australia

“Your expertise, support and guidance has been instrumental in my journey. I want you to know how much you are doing it is inspiring me. 

 My path is so clear now and you helped me with that.” 






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