Is Sacred Place a legal Thai company registered in Thailand?

Yes, Sacred Place Co Ltd is a legal Thai company registered in Thailand under the registration number: 0505561001090. The activities of Sacred Place have been registered in Thailand, therefore all courses and services are delivered legally under the Thai Law.

Will I receive a booking confirmation after paying for my course?

Yes. Once payment has been received you will receive a formal booking confirmation of your place on the course along with some course preparation to do.

Is the Self-Empowerment Course a combination of Part 1: Inner Foundation Course and Part 2: Life Purpose Course?

Yes. What is taught during the Self-Empowerment Course is the total of what is taught during the Inner Foundation course and Life Purpose course.

If I want to deeply transform my life in a very short period of time what course should I enroll in?

For a profound transformation on a personal and professional level we recommend the Self-Empowerment Course.

If I can’t participate in Self- Empowerment Course which course should I start with?

We recommend to start with Part 1 Inner Foundation Course. Afterwards you can take Part 2, Life Purpose Course or the Self-Empowerment course.

What is the difference between Inner Foundation Course and Life Purpose Course?

The Inner Foundation Course uncovers the root of many negative thoughts and beliefs that are often formed by absorbing and copying the attitudes and behaviors of role models and carers in our childhood and sometimes in our adulthood. The focus of this course is upon on removing the negative conditioning and healing trauma from adverse child and adulthood experiences from the past and present. The Life Purpose course is focused upon self-discovery and uncovering our strengths, passions and purpose and more. But before we can manifest our full potential in the outside world, we must look inside first and heal and grow from within – that way when obstacles and challenges arise as they will, we do not self-sabotage, procrastinate, negative self-talk etc.

What do I need to bring to the course?

Please bring a pen and paper/journal along with your course preparation material and a strong determination for creating positive change in your life now.

How can I book my Astrology Report?

First make your payment via the Astrology page. Make sure you write your full name given at birth on the payment form so we can start your Astrology Report.
A confirmation email will be sent confirming the date and time for you Skype consultation. The consultation will last 1-2hrs. A PDF document of your Astrology Report is provided on the date of your Skype consultation, after your consultation.

Does Sacred Place provide one to one consultations to individuals?

Sacred Place only provides individual 1-1 consultations and support during its courses, Astrology consultations on skype and the After care support skype call. We do not provide individual one to one support outside of these services.

Do the courses include food and accommodation?

We do not provide food or accommodation during our courses.

What is the meaning of having an After Care page?

The After Care page is an online service that provides extra knowledge and follow up support for those individuals that have been in our courses. It supports the participant in their continued journey of healing, personal development and self-empowerment.

Can non-course participants access the After Care Page and support?

No.  Only course participants have access to the After Care and any follow up support they may have requested.

How can I pay for my course?

By visiting the course page you would like to join and clicking Buy Now in the top right corner. You will then have a choice to pay via Credit Card, Pay Pal,  Bitcoin and Bank Transfer/Deposit. Please note we have bank accounts in Thailand, the UK, Macau. Our Macau account can receive Hong Kong Dollars. If you choose to make a bank transfer or deposit please email us ( your proof payment and we will then issue you your formal booking confirmation letter and course preparation work. Please note that in our experience Transfer Wise offers a far more affordable service than regular banks for international bank transfers. See

If I book a course and change my mind can I have my money back?

If you cancel your course booking more than three weeks or more in advance of the course we will provide a full refund. For periods shorter than three weeks we do not provide a refund but offer the possibility of allowing you to use your payment to join another course within the following 12 months of the payment date. If the other course costs more money you will simply pay the additional difference. Please see our Terms & Conditions.

Does Sacred Place have a Privacy Policy?

Yes. Please see Privacy Policy.

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