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The Life Purpose Course is designed for those individuals that want to discover who they are at their core – their Authentic Self, and align their life’s direction in accordance with this realization. This Life Purpose Course is specifically designed for individuals that either wish to change careers, aspire to create a business (or become an entrepreneur) and gain financial freedom, introduce meaning and purpose into an existing business/career to make a difference or perhaps feel lost, confused and maybe experiencing a mid-life crisis. The benefit of taking this course is that the participant will not only gain a thorough and deep understanding of themselves but a clear vision, direction, and concrete set of life goals and actions to follow through.

Life, Career and Business Coaching form the foundation of this Life Purpose Course and together with a personalized workbook provide a very professional and robust coaching framework to successfully facilitate this deep self-discovery work. The first part of the Life Purpose course is about self-discovery and self-awareness and begins by guiding participant to uncover their values, strengths and passions and finally their life purpose. Once this is understood, time is given to create a compelling and powerful vision for the future in line with their values, passions and life purpose.

Importantly, key principles and methodologies of the Psychology of Success in both personal and professional life is taught to set the foundational mindset required to successfully follow through and ultimately become the best that they can be. The course also teaches participants how to create structure, effectively manage their time and prioritize. Individual 1-1 support is given to help participants analyze their current life situation, identify existing and potential challenges and obstacles, define a strategy and plan of action to achieve specific goals. Finally by learning and starting to align your life’s daily actions with your values, passions and purpose, the participant can start to feel good right now because they are taking action in line with their life purpose.

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Personal Development


Chiang Mai

Life Purpose

Uncover your Personal and Life Values

Uncover your Skills & Strengths

Uncover your Passions & Interests

Uncover your Life Purpose

Learn How to Create Direction in Your Life

Learn how to Create Life Goals

Learn How to Change Careers

Learn About the Psychology of Success

Learn How to Unleash Your Entrepreneur Spirit

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