The Life Purpose course delivers a very powerful and effective life coaching framework to support personal and professional transformation in a short period of time. Life, Business and Career Coaching form the foundation of our five day Life Purpose Course, teaching participants how to take more control of their lives and gain more joy and satisfaction from their personal and professional lives. During the course personalized support is delivered to assist individuals to analyze their current situation, identify existing and potential challenges and obstacles and devise a plan of action designed to achieve specific outcomes. In order for these life transitions to successfully manifest, a qualified process of self-exploration is necessary to uncover the individual’s full potential and who they are at their core, their authentic self. A tailored workbook is provided containing personal knowledge, tools and resources to assist the participant both during and after the course with the implementation of the life goals.

This course is a Life Changing Opportunity to transform your life by investing quality time and energy in yourself and is for those individuals that want to discover who they are at their core, who want to uncover their life purpose and direction. That perhaps want to change careers or embrace their entrepreneurial spirit, and for individuals that want to learn how to set life goals, build a plan of action and create a life with more meaning, joy and fulfillment. This personal knowledge is vital to unleash the entrepreneurial spirit.

We advise to first take the five day De-Programming course. The five day Life Purpose Course is for those individuals that have taken the five day De-Programming course and are ready to sincerely understand and implement their Life Purpose (the external).

Please note for Thai nationals we offer a 50% discount off the full price. Please also note we sponsor two places per course, so if you sincerely want to join and cannot afford it, write us an email explaining your situation and why you would like to join.



- Expert Guidance & Leadership

- Safe, Confidential Environment

- Well Organised & Structured

- Individual Support & Exercises

- Detailed take home Work book


- Deep Personal Transformation

- Understanding of Gifts & Passions

- Uncovering of Life Purpose

- Knowing how to Change Careers

- Clearly defined Life Goals

- Concerete Plan of Action


- OCT 5 - 9, 2017


- DECEMBER 7 - 11, 2017


Daily Schedule: 09.30 - 17.30

Optional Evening Documentaries

Benjamin Rowe, Ecological Designer, U.S.A.

 “I have started to build my Inner Foundation and look forward to incorporating the techniques and skills that I have learned during the course”.  

Janos Hampel, Business Consultant, Hungary.

“The course was fantastic, it achieved my expectations. It helped me get focus, direction, energy and structure in many aspects of my life”. 




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