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Luke Hancock
Susana Norte
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Chiang Mai
Self-Empowerment Course
Self-Empowerment Course

Luke and Susana

Luke is a Transformational Life Coach (ICF Accredited). Permaculture Design Consultant & Teacher and author of The Inner Revolution book. Susana Norte is a fully qualified Spiritual Counselor and a Practitioner of Holistic Therapies. She is also a fully qualified Nutritional Therapist and a Detox & Clinic Weight Lost Specialist.

Course Overview

Claim Your Power and Transform Your Life

It’s time to stop living small. You know you were meant for great things. Wonderful, incredible, ground-breaking things. You know you’re on this planet for a reason. You know your potential is profound, and yet – for some reason, you can’t quite seem to grab a hold of it.

Based on a revolutionary spiritual counseling and coaching framework, the Self-Empowerment Course* consists of three successive modules: Healing, Personal Development, and Self-Actualization. Through this deep and powerful journey of transformation, you will be supported in letting go of that which no longer serves you, so that you have the space needed to manifest a life full of joy, meaning, and empowerment.

The Healing Module will help you navigate through – and release trauma that are adversely affecting your life – whether physically, psychologically, or spiritually – and blocking you from living in alignment with your Authentic Self. By uncovering the links between your early childhood and current situation, you will gain the clarity needed to overcome any limiting beliefs that are standing in the way of you and your own Inner Authority and Personal Power.

The Personal Development Module is designed to help you dissolve the thoughts and behaviors that are preventing you from living your life purpose, so that a new and more effective mindset can be installed. By taking an inventory of the often-destructive influences of family, friends, society, and culture, you will gain a new understanding of your current situation. With this new clarity, you will be guided in rebuilding your Inner Foundation based on self-love, mental resilience and spiritual maturity.

The Self-Actualization Module will empower you both in your personal and professional life. You will be guided through a series of powerful exercises to uncover your true values, passions, skills, and gifts – so that you may gain a deep understanding of your true desires. After constructing a compelling vision – and with the help of our powerful coaching framework – you will construct a tangible plan of action that makes sense not only in your heart, but also in the practical world. By aligning your Authentic Self with a practical expression, you will be empowered to create a life with more fun, meaning and impact.

*The Self-Empowerment course combines two distinct and progressive courses: Part 1: Inner Foundation and Part 2: Life Purpose. Although we highly recommend taking them in succession, we also offer these two courses separately for the convenience of our participants.

Course Features






8 days






Self Actualization


Chiang Mai

Inner Foundation

Learn about Brain Development & Neuroplasticity

Learn how to De-Program Limiting Beliefs

Uncover your Habits & Behavioral Patterns

Uncover your Source of Trauma, Pain, Shame

Begin the Healing of your Inner Foundation

Healing & Reconnecting with you Higher Self

Uncover your Authentic Self

Learn how to Develop your Inner Authority

Learn How to Communicate your Authentic Self

Learn how to Create Healthy Relationships

Life Purpose

Uncover your Personal and Life Values

Uncover your Skills & Strengths

Uncover your Passions & Interests

Uncover your Life Purpose

Learn How to Create Direction in Your Life

Learn how to Create Life Goals

Learn How to Change Careers

Learn About the Psychology of Success

Learn How to Unleash Your Entrepreneur Spirit

Tools & Methodologies

  • Teachings & Sharings
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Life & Career Coaching
  • Self-Discovery Exercises
  • Guided Meditations

Course Timetable

09:30 – 11:00 1st Lesson

11:00 – 11:15 Break

11:15 – 12:45 2nd Lesson

12:45 – 14:00 Lunch

14:00 – 15:30 3rd Lesson

15:30 – 15:45 Break

15:45 – 18:00 4th Lesson

Course Dates Chiang Mai

November 1-8, 2018

December 8-15, 2018

January 5-12, 2019

Course Dates Macau

February 2-10, 2019

Location: Cube No 7, Chiang Mai

Ellen McCormack, Teacher, U.S.A.
Orian Hernandez, Geologist, Venezuela.
Mihoko Ozawa, Chef, Japan.

Our Packages

Package 2

8 Day Course + 1 Day Course ฿20,000

Package 3

8 Day Course + Book ฿20,000

Package 4

8 Day Course + Nutrition Detox ฿20,000


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