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Course Overview

The Self-Empowerment course is the combination of the Part 1: Inner Foundation and Part 2: Life Purpose.

This course is based upon a revolutionary spiritual counseling, life and career coaching framework consisting of three phases. Healing, Personal Development and Self-Actualization. The main benefits of joining this course is that the participant will not only overcome their limiting belief but connect with and build their Inner Authority and Person Power in a very short period of time. This deep personal transformation will positively impacts all areas of the personal and professional life.

The Healing program exists to supports those individuals that were exposed to adverse childhood experiences that has left them with a weak Inner Foundation and vulnerable to narcissistic dynamics. This course will teach the vital connection between early childhood brain development (neuroplasticity) and the consequence in adult hood of childhood needs not being fulfilled. This program teaches the key principles required to build a strong inner foundation, the main characteristics of healthy and unhealthy relationships and importantly, how to protect oneself from abusive narcissistic dynamics.

The Personal Development program exists to facilitate the dissolving of limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and behavioral patterns, the source of which is often inherited from poor roles models found in family, culture and societal institutions. In adulthood this can lead to addiction, procrastination and self-sabotaging behavior. Based upon a strong Inner Foundation participants will learn how to develop mental and emotional resilience, Inner Authority and self-determination.

The Self-Actualization program exists to empower the individuals in their personal and professional lives. This starts by uncovering their authenticity through discovering their personal values, passions and skills. The life coaching framework employed will guide the individual in how to create structure and good standards in their lives by aligning their values and vision with their goals and day to day action plans. Ultimately this will enable the participants to initiate a life with more meaning, purpose and joy in line with their true authentic self.

There is a 1 day introduction course and 8 day course.

Course Features




8 days






Self Actualization


Chiang Mai

Life Purpose

Uncover your Personal and Life Values

Uncover your Skills & Strengths

Uncover your Passions & Interests

Uncover your Life Purpose

Learn How to Create Direction in Your Life

Learn how to Create Life Goals

Learn How to Change Careers

Learn About the Psychology of Success

Learn How to Unleash Your Entrepreneur Spirit

Inner Foundation

Learn about Brain Development & Neuroplasticity

Learn how to De-Program Limiting Beliefs

Uncover your Habits & Behavioral Patterns

Uncover your Source of Trauma, Pain, Shame

Begin the Healing of your Inner Foundation

Healing & Reconnecting with you Higher Self

Uncover your Authentic Self

Learn how to Develop your Inner Authority

Learn How to Communicate your Authentic Self

Learn how to Create Healthy Relationships

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