The Soul Plan Reading Analysis is an incredibly valuable and powerful system of Soul analysis. It is a profound system that uncovers ones Soul Contract, revealing the full potential that each human being brings into this life
This information is critical for those people wishing to understand and live in alignment with their life purpose, while contributing positively to the “NEW PARADIGM SHIFT” taking place in our society right now.


Sacred Place Soul Plan Reading AnalysisBefore we incarnate, each person has a ‘soul contract’, a purpose that should be ideally accomplished in this life. The Soul Plan Reading reveals an individual’s Challenges, Talents and Purpose to be achieved from both the Physical and Spiritual world perspective. Individual readings are based upon the sound vibration of your birth name (as it appears on your birth certificate).

The full name of birth is the blueprint, specific and unique that represents the individual’s own energetic vibration and frequency. This analysis explains the major life cycles, together with the karmic lessons that must be resolved in order for new opportunities to be manifested.

This powerful analysis reveals not only the predominant thought and behavioral patterns but also reveals the main archetypes that influence the conscious and unconscious mind. Furthermore specific health conditions are revealed during the reading.

Upon receiving this very personal and powerful information, clients experience a great shift of personal awareness and perception of themselves and their role in the world. This in turn is a healing process which not only greatly reduces the negative effects of limiting beliefs and patterns one may carry but also helps grows ones self-esteem and self-confidence through gaining deeper knowledge of the self and ones path in this life.



This powerful and insightful analysis is fundamental to anyone wishing to live to their full potential and pass safely through this Paradigm Shift we are all now facing. This reading is a wonderful tool to support not only couple relationships but also is a tool to be applied for business name identification and/or optimization.

Your Soul Plan Reading must be booked at least two to tree weeks in advance of your consultation and the full birth name must be provided!

One consultation can last two hours and can be done face to face or by skype.


Cristina Delamulla, Entrepreneur, Switzerland.

“A great reading about my own business model, that confirmed many of my goals for the future. Susana reading was very positive and constructive and so spot on about my intentions, strengths and weakness”.

Katalin Almasi, Accountant, Greece.

“I was amazed at the things I heard, the accurate description of all my physical symptoms, some of them minor but previously unexplainable to me. And a few days later one of these symptoms disappeared for no apparent reason”.