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Branka Madroshan, Business Consultant at PWC, Croatia.

 Sacred Place Laos Branca Madrusan“Susana is an empathetic, intuitive and spiritually evolved being and as such a perfect guide on one’s own spiritual journey. Susana Soul Plan Reading is a powerful tool for self-reflection and accessing spiritual intelligence, which for those of us used to make decisions based on reason, remains largely untapped. Disciplines such as psychology, neuroscience and body-mind medicine are increasingly venturing into the realm of spirituality, seeking to understand the ‘third dimension’ of the self: our soul. Through extensive training and own journey of spiritual enlightenment, Susana honed her natural talent to decode the messages from that ‘other’ dimension. I do recommend Susana’s work. Her approach is very professional. When you’re ready to give yourself the gift of building a greater connection to the spiritual aspect of self, Susana makes for an excellent resource and coach”.

Susana Camarao, Environmental Engineer, Portugal

Susana-CamaraoI truly believe that things don´t happen by chance. I met Susana Norte and Luke when I was travelling alone in Laos some years ago and the empathy was immediately. I was doing this trip on a time of discover of myself and meet this two people with who I was going to learn so much it couldn´t be by chance. I was following my intuition. Susana made my Soul Plan Reading and she got all the crucial points of my past, which get me into the stuck point I was. But the most important, this Soul Plan Reading gave important revelations about my truly self, my karma and my life purpose. The Soul Plan Reading will be a useful and precious tool for all my life, to empowering myself and do a path fulfilled of happiness. I am very grateful to Susana, for sharing her wisdom with me and help me in discover my inner self in this life journey. She is a soul made of fraternity and love. Her work with Luke in Sacred Place could help anyone who is looking the same discover as me and a life change. Thank you Susana Norte

Susana Costa, Graphic Designer, Portugal.

Sacred Place Laos Susana Costa“In the beginning of the year I decided to change my life and to travel the world on my own. I’ve been traveling for almost 5 months and it has been one of the best experiences in my life. My daily routine was very limited, I felt lost, so i thought the best way to discover myself was to step out of the comfort zone and to see the world. When we get rid of all the roles we play in our society we become closer to our true essence. On my trip to Laos I met Susana and her wonderful project Sacred Place. Susana did my soul plan reading by simply using my full name! I was so impressed to see how accurate it was. As we did a Skype conference I immediately felt connected with her words, like she was by my side. She helped me to become more aware of certain aspects of my life that I need to work on. I’m going through some life changes and periods of uncertainty so this will help me to clarify my thoughts about my past, present and future. It is a tool that I can use for the rest of my life, it will help me to become a better person and to live a better life. Thank you so much Susana for helping me on my journey, I’m deeply grateful to have met you!”

 Darshitta Gilles, Co Founder of Blu Dot Organization, UK.

Sacred Place Laos Darshitta GillasRecently I booked my Soul Plan Reading with Susana and after the reading I was so amazed with all the information revealed to me! I was so intrigued how it was possible to have so much information just from my full birth name! Susana’s approach was very professional and wise on sharing such important information. The Soul Plan Reading uncovered key information from my past and present related with all my gifts and talents. Indeed this reading confirmed so many important aspects of my life and helped me to be focus again in all my strengths to create a brighter future. After this reading my mind was very clear about my journey and my Soul Contract. I felt so happy and grateful due to Susana’s approach with her work! I do recommend Susana’s Soul Plan Reading and her work as a Spiritual Counsellor. Thank you Susana.

Milene Domingues, Interior Designer, Portugal.

Sacred Place Milene DominguesThanks to Susana support and professionalism I learned the necessity to respect and listen my body & mind. Now I do understand how both (body&mind) are so interconnected! In one of our sessions she explained the importance of doing a detox and cleansing the internal organs would help me to recover from some of my health symptoms. The same way we have a shower and we brush our teeth every morning, the same way we should care about our internal organs. I understood how this health procedure could transform my health for the better. And i fact this was the truth! After doing such detox and cleansing, the body then performs better its own function of assimilation, digestion and elimination.  It’s wonderful to see how the body respond and heal itself when receives such care and attention from us. I also learned our health symptoms are always manifested by the quality of our sleeping patterns, skin, hair, nails, the color of our tong & eyes, and even our vital energy! During her consultations, Susana provided me with lots of valuable knowledge and a diet plan for me to follow up. I feel already so much better and having this new knowledge I am much more confident to achieve positive results on my health. As a Nutritional Therapist and a Detox Specialist, Susana proved to be very professional and knowledgeable with her practice. I am extremely grateful to her support and I truly recommend her services.

Mellanie Gabriel, Founder of Wired for Success TV, UK.

Sacred Place Laos Mellanie Gabriel“Susana, thank you for the insights you gave me with my  Soul Plan Reading. For me, the information was so subtle that it has taken me sometime to assimilate and, more importantly, wake up to the realization that certain things need enhancing  – in order to facilitate the journey on my soul path. Nevertheless, it was a comfort to know that many of the things I wished I was gifted at (but hardly dared imagine could be a possibility) are actually part of my soul plan. For example, for decades – since childhood – I have always wished I was an Orator, I would see myself on the world stage delivering messages of wisdom and inspiration that others could, and wanted to, act on. But throughout all those years I was so painfully shy I would bottle up my feelings and passions and could not could not imagine being able to do that without dying first. Over the years I dealt with my shyness and the feeling that I would rather die than speak in public. The whole thing felt like a pipe dream, and so I started to shelve these ideas, even without realizing it. The effect of your reading was to rekindle this flame, and now that I am not doubting or trying to ‘play it down’ the opportunities are coming fast to make it possible. There are lots of other similar realizations, too numerous to mention. I guess what I’m saying is that your reading has been a catalyst for activating dormant desires, speeding up sluggish processes and stimulating me into action. And of course, with all three in motion, there is an inevitable, MASSIVE clearing out – like a ‘colonic irrigation’ of the mind – but it is self generating and something to look forward to over time. Thank you so much Susana for all the information.”

Beryl Thomas, Founder of Wired for Success TV, UK.

Sacred Place Laos Beryl Thomas“Never having had a Soul Plan Reading before – I had little idea of what to expect. Right from the get go Susana ‘intuited’ that I had a family relationship issue. She went on to say that I was skilled at budgeting – I said no you are mistaken there. And yet as the reading continued, I realized that in my previous career I had been exceptionally good at budgeting and just had got out of practice – a habit I need to re-create! My strengths and weaknesses were pretty much spot on. It was reassuring to find that my life was right on track with regard ‘what I have come here to do’. Advice was supplied for our business too – Susana rightly surmised that we had a struggle to begin with and that this was due to us needing to become clear on what our message for our audience really was.  This was indeed something that had been evolving over time and that I had definitely struggled with. Thanks Susana – I felt more confident and secure having experienced this reading and certainly know that I need to get my calculator out and stay on track with the business as it is going to be a huge success.”

Ana Rebelo, Film Producer, Reiky Master, Portugal.

Sacred Place Laos Ana Rebelo“A Soul Plan Reading with Susana, it’s an awakening call to our inner self. During our live we keep struggling with doubts and questions. Trying to understand why is that happening to us at that certain moment, acting as a victim when we should be thankful for that blessings, because nothing happens by chance. There’s a path to be done, step by step, but sometimes we don’t know what’s next… In my case, it’s not necessarily easy, because it requires some changes.  But it’s certainly a challenge and the opportunity to once again try to fulfill my mission here on Earth. On the other hand, you just need to listen to yourself and have the energy to act. Susana gave me the key and know I must open the door. It’s a life experience that I truly recommend, especially if your will is to become a genuine human being and a brighter soul. Thank you Susana for this enlightenment moment and for being part of my life. I am grateful.There’s a Buddha quote that says: “Everything changes, nothing remains without change. “

Vanda Domingos, Account Manager at Spea, Non Profit Organization, Portugal.

Sacred Place Laos Vanda Domingos There are some moments in life that we must stop to reflect about what we really want from this journey. Sometimes life may not make much sense but if we are open to receive guidance and support from a source of wisdom like Susana, life will flow again. The Soul Plan Reading has the power to transform one person’s life!  I was very curious about the Soul Plan Reading so i booked a session with Susana. This information arrived when I most needed it and thanks to Susana. There are some important elements that were revealed to me in My Soul Contract, and that my journey representing my true self only depends of me. This reading was a great inspiration and gave me so much confidence to make the right decisions in my life.  I do recommend The Soul Plan Reading to any one who’s ready to change. I also recommend Susana’s work. Her empathy and professionalism really touched my heart. Thank you Susana.

Justin Robertshaw,  Ashtanga Yoga Teacher, Bali, Indonesia.

Sacred Place Laos Justin Robertshaw“I was amazed that from just giving Susana my full name how accurate, and true to what I felt, her soul plan reading was. As well as providing me with guidance on who and where I was right now the reading and Susana’s translation of the reading also provided me with the crucial help on how to move forwards with specific types of healing. Life is always moving  in cycles and Susana reading helped me to understand these life stages from my past and present. With this information the future look much positive to me. Indeed the Soul Plan Reading offers a lot of important information  about the different aspects of my personality. I truly recommend Susana Soul Plan Reading to those who are looking for change.Thank you Susana, I am very grateful that we worked together”

Filipa Pisabarro, Pilates teacher, Portugal.

Sacred Place Laos Filipa Pisabarro“This analysis performed by Susana was like looking into a mirror of my life, my personality, my wishes and desires and my fears. When listening to Susana, it was like listening to my own inner voice, because it touched me so deeply in my core, my essence. This amazed me. The authenticity of Susana’s words about my life’s journey; my past and my present, was very accurate, clear and consistent. Through this accurate analysis Susana shared with me a deep understanding about how many events in my life not only told me about my karma but also gave me the tools, for making positive changes in my life right now. This soul plan reading gave me confirmation of things I suspected and has led me to believe more in myself whilst bringing me some calm and inner peace. All this made sense to me and at a point in my life where I had become unclear. It was as if Susana took away a cloud from in front of me and showed me the path to greater peace and more personal confidence and professionalism in my life. From this moment on my fears and dreams seen by this analysis to make sense for me and I feel I will overcome my fears and achieve my dreams! I also now know that I have the full potential to reach all my dreams. This analysis was both profound and logical and both; my person (physically) and my spirit (soul) were connected with it. I want to thank you Susana from the bottom of my heart!

Stelio Fugel, Cambridge University Press, UK.

Sacred Place Laos Stelio Fugel“I am one of the luckiest persons to have the chance to experiment The Soul Plan Reading with Susana. She has immediately impressed me with her extensive knowledge, serenity, willingness to give and true kindness. Once with her I could perceive true love for what she does. Susana goes beyond her patients expectations treating them as family. I believe she does this by heart and that helps onto making us feel comfortable on her presence. She is very professional and friendly. She won me since from the very beginning and no doubt I have became a dedicated fan, friend, and patron of hers ever since! I just have to recommend this practitioner to whom might thing about this kind of therapy and wish her all the very best.

Cristina Dellamula,  Life  Coach and Founder of Harmonia Nova, Switzerland.

  Sacred Place Laos Cristina Della Mula“Susana Norte gave me a very precise, thorough and inspiring version of myself, my talents and skills and also points to improve. What surprised me the most was when she also proposed to do the Reading about my Company’s name, Harmonia Nova. A great reading about my own business model, that confirmed many of my goals for the future. Susana reading was very positive and constructive and so spot on about my intentions, strengths and weakness.  I had found the name ” Harmonia Nova”  on a moment of inspiration and felt deep down that it  suited who I really was. Susana just confirmed that my intuition was right! Susana reading totally confirmed my feeling, adding even more qualities than I would have imagined, saying that I could not have chosen a better name for expressing myself and my values in the world. After the Reading, I felt empowered, positive and full of energy. I am very grateful to her.”

Vania Mendes, Digital Production, Sweden.

Sacred Place Laos Vania Mendes“Susana´s Soul Plan Reading had a profound impact in my life. I will never forget this powerful reading from Susana. Not only was a tool for a better self knowledge,  but it has also allowed me to understand better the purpose of my presence on this earth. Challenges are part of our lives and we should be grateful to have them and Susana reading helped me to acknowledge that. Through our life experience we  all have our chance to grow and learn so much about ourselves!   Susana reading uncovered so much about my past, present and future. I really recommend Susana work. She is very professional, friendly and so  supportive through  her work. The reading has helped me get a clear insight of my strengths, talents and values,  while supporting better decisions in my life in regards to lifestyle, work and relationships.

Abbie Hancock, Occupational Therapist, UK.

Sacred Place Laos Abbie Hancock“My Soul Plan Reading. Like so many things, universal synchronicity, delivered my Soul Plan Reading at such a poignant time in my life. If you are reading this, maybe it is your time too. I had no expectations but I knew as it was suggested to me, instantly, it was the right thing to do. I had no idea it would have such an impact on my world. I am now planning and doing useful steps in my life to make changes for the better. I am clear on my path and my journey, why I am here and the unique potential I have as a spiritual human being. I have a clear insight into my strengths and weaknesses, my patterns (which have been holding me back) and my unique gifts which will always drive me forwards. This reading is a unique bird’s eye view of where I am and where I can be. Susana broke it down into steps I can take to break old patterns and this was vital for me to understand how this information of my purpose, goals and destiny impacts my day to day. For example… you have a tendency to do this, the reason is this, it links to your life lesson and journey in this way and these are the options you have to move in the direction you are destined to go in. Awesome. Since my reading I feel even more empowered to take responsibility for my life, future, destiny and take charge. It is a step by step process and I will never forget the key role Susana played in helping me on my journey and giving me a hand, a signpost or two, a vision and a practical support just when I needed it. This reading is essential and unique in understanding who you are and what you are here to become, should you so wish.”

Niña Diane, Account Assistant , Australia.

 Sacred Place Laos Nina Abuel“For those going through a transition and raising questions about your place in this world, soul planning is a powerful reading. Your name plans your soul’s journey on this earth and you will be intrigued by Susana’s reading. Susana provided me insightful information about my past, present and the next stages of my life. I was amazed with all the information revealed to me through this reading! Susana opened the door of my unconscious and both together  explored my fears and difficulties. We both felt the full potential of my present and future. I was so grateful to have this reading at this stage of my life! It’s wonderful to discover that I am getting closer to my purpose in this lifetime. Thanks  Susana.”

Katalin Almasi, Office Assistant, Greece.

Sacred Place Laos Catalin Almasi“I came across Susana by accident but I knew immediately that I had to do a Soul Plan Reading. I didn’t have any expectations and despite being drawn to it I had some reservations. But I was amazed at the things I heard, the accurate description of all my physical symptoms, some of them minor but previously unexplainable to me. And a few days later one of these symptoms disappeared for no apparent reason. I had been trying to correct it for months before without any success. Susana’s reading clarified some of my questions about karma and why I have certain issues. There has been a change inside me, I’m more patient now, don’t want to rush things; completely the opposite as to how I was before. I’m sure that there are still more changes coming as a result of the reading. Susana not only delivered the reading but provided additional interesting materials that were relevant to me. She’s very open, approachable and shows true interest in each client even after the reading”.

Vania Cunha, Production Editor, UK.

 Sacred Place Laos Vania Cunha“Doing Soul Plan Reading with Susana helped me looking at certain aspects of my life with more clarity and therefore taking decisions for the future. Although the information was already in my mind before the session, after the session it gained clarity and I could see a clear structure in order to plan ahead.  I was amazed to listen Susana and her reading. Susana reading  confirmed my feelings and intuition were correct. I found this reading a fantastic experience. I truly recommend Susana as a professional therapist. Susana is very professional and her approach is very friendly. Thank you Susana.”