Sustainability is at the heart of work whether it be on an individual level or within a Community or Organisation. We leverage not only our skills and knowledge in Spiritual Counselling and Life Coaching but also in Permaculture Design and Environmental Business Consulting. Combined, we have 40 years of professional experience working with small, medium and large multinational corporations. The linear “Take-Make-Waste” business model of the past no longer serves business or society and business and government leaders are having to re-think their process and strategies if we are to leave a planet that is habitable by our children.

Business Consulting

We guide Small and Medium size (SME’s) business owners to make the transition towards more sustainable business practices that ultimately reduce their overall “Environmental Footprint”. By clearly understanding the social and environmental impacts their business has on the outside world, different more sustainable decisions can be taken. We analyze all areas of business such as supply chains and raw material selection, service or product design, infrastructure and operations review and customer/employee behavior education. Ultimately coaching business owners to create and deliver more sustainable and conscious solutions that are not only beneficial to their customers and the business but also to the environment and the local community as well.


Permaculture Design

Permaculture provides an innovative organizing framework to design sustainable, holistic and pragmatic solutions to solve many if not all of our current challenges in society today. It looks at key sectors such as land management, water/waste/energy management, education, holistic health, economics and sees how mutually beneficial life sustaining solutions can be created. Permaculture is about action based solutions and can be by individuals, communities, businesses and government to solve many of the problems we face today. It is applicable to any set of objectives, organization, structure or landscape – both urban and rural. Finally, Permaculture is based upon Science, local indigenous knowledge and by observing nature and is guided by a set of Ethics and Design Principles. As Permaculture Design Consultants we help clients design and implement sustainable solutions.

Growing populations, increased consumption, scarcity of natural resources and mass toxic pollution of water ways are some of the main reasons why Permaculture is on the rise globally, being applied by courageous leaders in communities, schools, towns and national parks.

“An Economy aligned with Permaculture would be an economy in which the “Best Business Decision” is the same as the “Best “Ecological Decision.”

Below you can listen to our participants feedback regarding their experience of being taught by Luke during their participation of a 72 hour Permaculture Design Course.