The book, The Inner Revolution, shares a very a contemporary true story, about a young man (Luke) facing similar challenges that people face today in our global consumer society. That being a feeling of emptiness, confusion, a lack of direction/purpose and stress/burn out. Ultimately a spiritual void. Based upon his direct experience, The Inner Revolution tells the story of his journey of healing and personal transformation from being another number in the corporate machine, to becoming a free sovereign, self-empowered human being actively pursuing and living his Life Purpose. By developing the courage to listen to his intuition (instead of fear and self-doubt), and by taking the necessary decisions and actions to heal and grow, he began his journey of de-programming so he could ultimately create the life he actually wanted. Counseling and Life Coaching both played vital roles in his journey of transformation and are shared in personal ways that are easy to understand, implement. The book is written and designed add real pragmatic value to the reader’s life. ENJOY!!!

“In his succinct new book, The Inner Revolution, Luke Hancock has presented a great way of going inside to find one’s “Call to Action. – Something each of us must do”.

– James Redfield, Author of The Celestine Prophecy book.

The Inner Revolution is for those global citizens that want to part of The Paradigm Shift taking place now on earth. No sovereign human being should be born into economic slavery. Every human being has the right to follow their intuition, live their Life Purpose and express their creativity. This book reveals how a person can break free from these chains of serfdom and take responsibility and ownership of their life in very achievable, pragmatic ways through conscious decisions and actions. Luke has decided to “gift” his book, The Inner Revolution, to the world to accelerate the Paradigm Shift that has already begun. If you are ready for change and committed to take action, then this powerful life changing book is for you. This is the book of our time!

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Paul Brown, Physiotherapist, UK – “An inspiring story. We all fear change and upheaval but a lasting message from the book is that this will often contain the seed of our future success. I hope that more people come forward with such inspiring messages to give us the strength and inspiration to live more authentic lives. The planet certainly needs it too! Highly recommended!”

Brigitte Melon, Dentist, France“Luke’s book is a discovery for some and a reminder for others, that each of us can CHOOSE to be happy and make our lives matter. He shows with great spirit, how choosing is difficult but in the end so enlightening”.

Simon Steenholt, Teacher, Sweden –”This is an inspiring book about finding your own way in the world and discovering what you are here to do”.

Claire Vandenbroeke, Corporate Sales, UK – “This book has been a source of inspiration, validation, encouragement and education for me. The way he breaks down and explains the different elements of Spirituality is inspired and is a must-read for anyone wishing to educate themselves on this subject. Luke’s story really shows that anyone can change their lives for the better, all you need is self-belief and faith. The rest will unfold.”

Pam Dixon, Health Policy Manager, UK – “There is a freshness and immediacy to the writing which draws the reader in and keeps you engaged. I would recommend this book whether you are at the start of your spiritual journey you need a reminder or want to know more about key spiritual issues and how they are grounded day to day.  I wish Luke and his partner every success in their new venture”.

Margartiah Horianos, Marketeer, South Africa – “This is one of the most sincere books I have read. Luke writes as if he is writing in a journal and it is so simply written that it fully resonates with me. This book is also a very good summary of all aspects of spiritual, Luke incorporates all areas and makes them so accessible to all. I highly recommend this book as it is fun, adventurous, informative and genuine. Thanks Luke for your gift.”

Zoe Howell, Speech Therapist, UK“Luke shares his experiences and is a reminder to us all that there is always another way. Sometimes we just need to take time to find it”.

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