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The Paradigm Shift by Luke Hancock

The Paradigm Shift has already begun whether you are aware of it or not! Whether you are part of it or not, The Paradigm Shift to a New Earth has begun in earnest!!

We are at an extremely important crossroads in our very brief history of human civilization living here on Earth. Having finally now accepted that our old destructive and dysfunctional ways are completely unsustainable, we are changing. If we were not to change our ways very quickly and radically our complete demise as a species and likely extinction would be assured in the not too distant future.

The Old Paradigm
In only 200+ years, a destructive, wasteful, careless and polluting global corporate industry has undermined the ecological foundations of this planet and our very source of survival in the process. The international scientific community has greed that we have created and are in the middle of the 6th mass extinction taking place on the planet right now. It is called the “Anthropocene” (human-influenced) period. Every ecosystem, habitat and species on the planet is now in  rapid decline!!! Red Flag!! This equates to the 6th mass extinction of species throughout the planet

The evidence is everywhere you look. The destruction of the Amazon rain forest (lungs of the earth) to make space for fields to grow GMO soya to feed cattle, the seven massive plastic jars in the oceans, the industrial scale extraction of any and all resources from the earth and the pollution of environments due to toxic waste (and packaging) from these industries. Peak oil, top soil erosion, coral reef bleaching, dead rivers to name but a few. Currently there is not a single habitat that is thriving naturally on its own!! Why? Because they are all connected to the same disease and sickness called the human ego – money, greed, power, control. Control of the population and control of the earth and its resources.

Dysfunctional sick broken systems
Our dysfunctional interest and debt based economy requires unending growth and profit. This false god is the priority of all business leaders, and so politicians. This relentless growth takes places on a planet with finite resources. Common sense tells you it is not possible to continually take without regenerating. We are stealing natural resources from the future generations to meet the so called needs of  our current consumer society. Ultimately all cultures come up against limits to their growth. Then these cultures either become extinct or have to reinvent themselves in a way that is sustainable and in harmony with Mother Nature. Currently we are living beyond the planetary boundaries of Earth and are being forced to make the same decision. Change, become sustainable or perish.

Nature is not Sacred
We live and operate today completely disconnected from Mother Earth. Discounted because our man made laws (as opposed to Natural Law) that say it is legal to destroy the environment by global corporations in the pursuit of profit. Profit comes before People Care and Earth Care. The prime of objective of a corporation is to ‘maximize shareholder value’, profit. The proof of this is everywhere you look in our society. Whether it be the Niger delta in Africa or Alberta Tar Sands in Canada, both being totally destroyed by oil companies in the pursuit of natural resources and profit. The industrial fishing fleets scrapping the ocean floors with kilometer long nets to catch all sea life (see Atlantic cod collapse 1990’s) or the industrial toxic mono-culture food (and textile) industries that continue kill us slowly with their toxic packaged food. Industries that produce carcinogenic GMO food are the leading cause of today’s top three killers: Cancer, Heart disease, Diabetes – all preventable, all lifestyle related. A food idustry that pays millions to lobbyists (and lawmakers) to prevent GMO product labeling because they we could and would choose to not buy (boycott) their toxic products. Meanwhile our governments and business leaders around the world encourage the relentless consumption of “stuff” to satisfy the needs of corporate shareholders in the pursuit of profits.

The True Cost
Our current way of producing and consuming today is completely destructive and unsustainable. Although the price of a piece of meat (animal), toxic fizzy drink or pair of jeans may seem cheap, there are huge “hidden costs” to society and the planet. These hidden costs are called ‘externalities’. For example the mass extinction of species due to the use of toxic chemicals by the agro-tech industry to grow food. The piles of very toxic waste in landfills contaminating the earth. The hidden health care costs of diabetes, obesity and heart disease, caused by eating industrial food. Air and lung pollution due to petroleum based cars, trucks, trains and planes. No corporation calculates or is even charged for these hidden costs, only society and the planet pay the price in destroyed ecosystems and human health. all the  while profits continue to increase. And this is normal? Health and Functional? Really?

Once we sincerely understand that the integrity of our own personal existence and that of our children, grandchildren and our species is completely and utterly reliant on how we interact with each other and the planet, only then can we have a chance to create and build a sustainable society based on values that serve the greater whole and not just the few. Our global business and government leaders know this but choose not to change. Why?

A Values Disorder
All these dysfunctional man made laws and systems that are destroying instead of regenerating our planet are connected. Connected through us. Through our mind and our low level of awareness and consciousness. The reason why our civilization is in the total mess it is in has to do with our lack of care, values and ethics. This value disorder permeates business, government, military, the media, education, health, food, energy, finance, manufacturing, everything. A systemic disease that permeates every facet of our society and how we act – all connected through our short term ignorant, arrogant, greedy, selfish thinking. We have the knowledge, the technology and even the awareness of what must take place, what we lack are the values, ethics and consciousness to make this happen. We lack honest, transparent, emotionally and spiritually mature leadership in government and business today. Leaders operating with a set of spiritual ethical values and a vision that meets and surpasses the needs of all sentient beings (including plants and animals), not the few.

The Paradigm Shift
Another world is being born now. A world not only about money, profit, control, aggression, the individual, fear, greed and competition, but transparency, accountability, collaboration, community, care and the environment. More sustainable action based solutions, that meet the needs of current and future generations, are being implemented around the world today. A society that operates within the boundaries of the planet, based on principles of honesty, responsibility and community. That creates shared value and employs cooperative business models. A world where power and money is removed from the ruling elite and brought back into equilibrium, back into the hands of the people and communities. This new earth is being born now thanks to a change from within a segment of society that rejects this old unwell narcissistic approach to business and life. An internal shift or transformation has taken place within these people that compels them to see the world and act in the world from a very different perspective. A perspective of CARE!!

The Inner Revolution
There is an Inner Revolution taking place within some people on earth today, Global Citizens, Change Agents. A massive ‘shift’ and transformation of personal values, priorities, life goals and understanding of what is really important in life is taking place now on earth. This Inner Revolution is occurring in all types of people for several reasons. People are completely dissatisfied with their ‘jobs’ and their lives and are looking for more meaning and purpose. The nine to five drudgery of an office job just for money is no longer enough. It’s no longer an option. Their soul has deeper needs and these can only be met by creativity, autonomy and service to others. People are taking serious action to heal themselves from the past, from their old negative, dysfunctional habits, thinking and behavior patterns. They are choosing to develop new ‘life skills’ aligned with what they love and are passionate about, not with what they are ‘paid’ to do. In turn their level of personal and global awareness and consciousness is changing and growing. People are beginning to connect the dots regarding all the systemic dysfunction that is taking place worldwide and they are not happy. The want and demand change and are voting each day with their dollar by what exactly they purchase. The focus now is on creating alternative, superior products, processes and services that make the existing sick toxic propositions obsolete and redundant.

The New Earth
As a result, this segment of society is acting on behalf of Mother Nature as her immune system. These change agents have an innate urge inside them, a knowing, that they must do something constructive and meaningful with their lives to help make a difference. Global citizens speaking up against the crimes committed against the Earth and the people. The time for action based solutions is now and we are acting together around the planet.

How? In many ways. Ecosystems are a key inspiration for changing our extremely wasteful production and consumption methods. Permaculture solutions create organic, sustainable food, water, shelter and energy systems. Biommicry, copying nature to design products and services. Employing ‘Closed Loop Cradle to Cradle’ product and business process design that account for the total ‘ecological footprint’ of a product or service. Eliminating the concept of waste as in nature, whereby waste is seen as nutrients, food or raw material from one business or sector to another. True Cost accounting that takes into account every and all aspects of the production and consumption process. Clean (free) renewable energy from the Earth’s magnetic field. Zero emissions electric public transport. Passive solar designed buildings. Ecocide laws, whereby executives are held criminally accountable for crimes committed against the planet by their corporations. Public or government issued money free of interest as opposed to corporate privately issued debt based money (AKA Federal Reserve). Holistic integrative health care that also uses medicine from nature and not just pill pushing synthetic pharmaceuticals that can kill us, slowly. The Transition Town movement delivering local sustainable community based solutions in communities throughout the globe.

A Call to Action!
This Revolution is about more and more evolved and empowered citizens around the world following their heart, their inner authority and taking small and big steps of action in their communities’ towns and cities wherever local or national governments or businesses are failing. They are choosing not to eat toxic food and instead support local organic farmers and food projects. That way the toxic business will eventually cease to exist without customers. More and more Global Citizens, of all races, gender and age, stepping up to take action and saying NO, this is no longer ok, for me or my children! Realizing that we are all in this together. We are all facing the same challenges and will all face the same consequences of taking no or the wrong action.

We are changing the rules of the game by speaking up and saying NO, no more. By taking action, creating projects and voting with our dollars at local, health conscious farmers markets and shops. Without sustainability at the heart of all we do, we will not be able to create an economy or society that can continue to function. People, business leaders, scientists are learning from nature and slowly realizing there are other ways to meet our current needs without diminishing the quality of life and possibilities of the next generations.

This is the revolution. It’s about us all taking acknowledging the truth of what is and the mess are are actually in and taking self-responsibility and positive action in our lives to reclaim our communities, our ecosystems and personal power.

Written by Luke Hancock, Founder of Sacred Place.

Luke Hancock is an accredited Transformational Life Coach with both the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the American Board of Neuro Linguistic Programming (ABNLP) of the USA. He is fully qualified Nutritional Therapist accredited by both the International Institute for Complementary Therapies in Australia and the organization for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in the UK. Luke is also a Permaculture Design Consultant and Teacher and author of the life changing book The Inner Revolution. Luke has an extensive experience, 20 years working within corporations on senior leadership positions. Originally from Kent, UK, Luke lives in Chiang Mai, Thailand and is the Co-Founder of Sacred Place.

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