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Course Overview

The Urban Permaculture Design Course is an 8 day course that delivers a platform of knowledge and skills to teach participants how to observe, analyze and design within the Urban environment in all climate zones. The course covers 75% of the theory taught in a PDC (Permaculture Design Course). We will start by teaching the ethics, principles and design methodologies of Permaculture Design, enabling the participant to observe the urban environment from a more holistic, sustainable perspective. This classroom time is supported by several diverse hands-on learning activities that will deepen the learning experience received in the classroom. Thereafter participants will have the opportunity to begin working upon actual urban permaculture designs. Due to the deep and broad scope of this Urban Permaculture Design Course, specific additional subjects will be taught to empower the participant. Important topics such as Indoor Growing, Sustainable Economics and Community Living & Relationships will deliver a more holistic and transformative personal development experience and will further reinforce the guiding ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share. Finally participants will leave with the skills and confidence to begin designing sustainable solutions appropriate to their urban setting and climate. This course will be led by Luke Hancock, Gui Brotto and Susana Norte.

The course is taking place at Earth Home (located one hour from Chiang Mai), an authentic Thai organic farm guest house that consists of both Thai wooden and natural adobe earth structures. All meals are organic and freshly prepared from the farm and suited for vegans and vegetarians. Each morning there will be organic fruits, eggs and homemade bread and yogurt along with delicious Thai dishes for lunch and dinner. There is a café with wifi serving Kombucha, smoothies and coffee. All food, dormitory accommodation (upgrades possible for small fee), travel and teachings are included in the price. See the table below for the link to dates and prices. This will surely be a beautiful, memorable week together.

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8 days






Urban Permaculture


Chiang Mai

Urban Permaculture

The Permaculture Ethics

12 Permaculture Design Principles

Zones & Sectors

Energy Efficient Planning

Methodologies of Design

Urban Permaculture Design

Climate Specific Design Strategies

Indoor Growing Systems

Outdoor Practical’s

Sustainable Economics

Community Living


Nutrition & Detox

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