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Sacred Place delivers Self-Empowerment Seminars about Self-Discovery, Personal Development and Self-Actualization in cities across Asia.

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Transform Your Life

Our Self Empowerment courses deliver a powerful framework, teaching the principles and methodologies of how to transform the mindset from Scarcity thinking to Abundance thinking. This deeply transformative journey enables the individual to own all aspects of their personal and professional life.

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The Self Empowerment course delivers a powerful framework consisting of Healing, Personal Development and Self-Actualization. The Self Empowerment course is the combination of the Inner Foundation Course and Life Purpose course and teaches the key principles and methodologies of how to transform the mindset from Scarcity thinking to Abundance thinking.

The course covers key subjects such as Neuroplasticity, the Psychology of Success, Relationships, Life Purpose, Career Change and Entrepreneurship . The course is designed for those individuals that want to learn how to reach their full potential and create a life with more meaning, joy and abundance. This deeply transformative journey enables the individual to own all aspects of their personal and professional life.

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The Inner Foundation course exists to support, guide and empower those that are committed to initiating a journey of personal transformation in their lives right now. The Inner Foundation course is focused upon uncovering and removing trauma, often, but not exclusively, derived from adverse childhood or adult hood experiences.

The course provides the opportunity to dissolve unwanted mental and emotional limited beliefs and negative patterns. The participant will learn the key principles required to build a strong inner foundation and mind-set that supports them to develop a successful life based upon self-respect, thriving relationships and a meaningful career or business.

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The Life Purpose Course is designed for those individuals that want to discover who they are at their core – their Authentic Self, and align their life’s direction in accordance with this realization. This Life Purpose Course is specifically designed for individuals that either wish to change careers, aspire to create a business (or become an entrepreneur) and gain financial freedom, introduce meaning and purpose into an existing business/career to make a difference or perhaps feel lost, confused and maybe experiencing a mid-life crisis. The participant will uncover their Authentic Self in a very short period of time.

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The Nutrition Detox Course delivers an overview of our current toxic environment that includes food, cosmetics, household products and more. The Nutrition Detox Course provides the vital knowledge required to teach individuals how to prevent and overcome some of the most common health problems associated with our modern lifestyles, such as weight gain, inflammations and degenerative diseases.

Importantly, the course teaches what nutrition is required to create and sustain a healthy balanced mind and body. Furthermore, the detox knowledge taught can be implemented in a very practical manner and incorporated into a new healthy lifestyle.

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The Urban Permaculture Design Course is an 8 day deep dive into the Urban environment and will cover 75% of the theory taught in the standard PDC (Permaculture Design Course). The Urban Permaculture Design Course delivers a platform of knowledge and skills to teach participants how to observe, analyze and design within the Urban environment in all climate zones. The course

Due to the deep and broad scope of this Urban Permaculture Design Course, specific additional subjects will be taught to empower the participant. Important topics such as Indoor Growing, Sustainable Economics and Community Living & Relationships will deliver a more holistic and transformative personal development experience and will further reinforce the guiding ethics of Earth Care, People Care and Fair Share.

Importantly, the classroom time is supported by several diverse hands-on learning activities that will deepen the learning experience received in the classroom. Finally participants will have the opportunity to begin working upon actual urban permaculture designs.


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Sertaç Mustafaoğlu, Turkey.
Mihoko Ozawa, Japan.

I feel incredibly blessed to be part of this Self-Empowerment Course! I feel invigorated to go out into the world creating the life I want to live.

Benjamin Rowe, USA.

Erika Haren

I really enjoyed this opportunity to be part of the Self-Empowerment Course. All the knowledge that I gained during the programs is already helping me to have a clear understanding how I want to move forward in my life.

Erika Haren, USA.

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