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Sacred Place delivers Self-Empowerment seminars and courses about Self-Discovery, Personal Development and Self-Actualization in cities across Asia. Our seminars and courses are an educational opportunity to learn about the impacts society has upon our Inner Foundation and how we can develop the mental resilience and Inner Authority to create the lifestyle we want. Due to the deep nature of the seminar a powerful overview is provided of how to empower individuals in their personal and professional lives by explaining the psychology of success and the detailed journey from Scarcity thinking to the Abundance mindset. The personal development exercise taught during the seminar provides participants with a broad, in-depth and personal overview of their current challenges and future opportunities that will impact all areas of their lives.

Our Seminars

sacred place seminar

Chiang Mai

27 November 2018
Sacred Place Seminar Hubba Bangkok


Self Empowerment Seminar

Hong Kong

Sacred Place Seminar Macau


6 December 2018

Our Courses

Sacred Place Course Hong Kong 2018

Self Empowerment Course
(1 day)

This course provides participants the opportunity to get a very clear understanding of the challenges that are preventing them from creating the lifestyle they want and guide the participant in identifying the most important decisions required to create a desirable lifestyle.

Self-Empowerment Course

Self Empowerment Course
(8 days)

Spiritual counseling, life and career coaching frameworks consist of three phases: Healing, Personal Development and Self-Actualization, all designed to rebuild and develop the participants Inner Authority, Personal Power and Spiritual Maturity.

Inner Foundation Course

Inner Foundation Course
(4 days)

This course teaches the key principles and tools required to build a strong Inner Foundation and resilient mind-set that supports individuals to develop a successful life based upon self-respect, thriving relationships, healthy boundaries and emotional maturity.

Life Purpose Course

Life Purpose Course
(3 days)

This course is for individuals that wish to change careers, develop their entrepreneurial spirit, gain financial freedom and introduce meaning and purpose into their lives so they may live aligned to their Authentic Self.

Nutrition Detox Course

Nutrition Detox Course
(2 days)

This course teaches a simple and effective program on how to detect, prevent and overcome some of the most common health problems in modern society. You also will learn the practical steps to detoxify the body at home.

Urban Permaculture Design

Urban Permaculture Course

This course delivers a framework of knowledge and skills to teach participants how to observe, analyze and sustainably design within the Urban environment in all climate zones. It covers 75% of the theory taught in a PDC.

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